We Groom Dogs, Cats, & Birds

A vet typically sees your pet once a year. With regular grooming we have the opportunity to alert you to any sudden changes whether it’s a bump, noted soreness, behavior changes, or an ear infection.

By Appointment Only

Nail Trim $10

All Baths include Nails, Ears, Feet Fur Trimming, and Anal Glands

Grooming includes above with a haircut.

Prices vary by Breed, Size, Length, and the Condition of the Coat.

20 minutes of Brushing time is allotted per dog or cat, anything over 20 minutes there is an up Charge of $35 an hour. So please Brush and Comb your Pets!

Birds include Nails & Flight Feathers! If the Beak needs trimming it is an additional cost.

Cats take 2 people the cost begins at $65 and up for a Bath

1. We want your pet always to be happy to come in and see us.
2. We WILL educate if we see something that will improve their overall health.
3. We truly care for every animals that walks through our door.
4. Quality Care Nothing Less!