Grooming Dogs, Cats, Birds

By appointment only

Nail Trim $10
All Baths Include:
Nails, Ear Cleaning, up to a 20 minute Brush, and Anal Glands
Grooming includes the above with a HairCut.


Dog Prices vary by Breed, Size, Length, and the Condition of the Coat. Condition of coat refers to matting. Can you run a comb through you dogs fur?

Puppies under 6 months prices start at $20+

Bring in puppies ASAP so they can get use to the noises and grooming process!

******BRUSHING beyond 20 minutes: There is an up charge of $35 an hour. So please brush and comb your pets!



Usually take 2 people the cost usually begins at $60+
Kitten under 6 months $25+

Price varies on Size of Bird
We clip Nails, Flight Feathers, and can Dremel Beak

Your friend deserves the best!


  • We want your pet always to be happy to come in and see us.
  • We WILL educate if we see something that will improve their overall health.
  • We truly care for every animals that walks through our door.
  • Quality Care Nothing Less!